Raising a family isn’t for the faint of heart. Oh hell no. In fact, I think most parents would say its the hardest job in the world (how cliche Elise, yeah yeah yeah, I know). Our tiny little family recently move from India to the USA. Talk about culture shock- I haven’t lived in the USA for a decade. My whole adulthood, I have lived in India. I realised how much the family unit has changed and how challenging it is to live with intent and focus even within our own homes.

I was fortunate enough to have space to sit back and see what were the hardest part of being a family these days.  I listened and noticed that everyone was saying the same exact things (including myself)- they didn’t have time, they didn’t have enough money and they weren’t as happy as they were before.

It’s heart breaking to have these realisations about the people around you, about the people you love. It’s heartbreaking to see a mother want to spend more time with her baby, but forced back to work a few weeks after giving birth. It’s hard to see passion drained out of people by the endless 9 – 5 trap, just to pay their bills and STILL have no extra money at the end of the month. It’s horrible to watch a Father miss a softball game because the boss asked him to irrationally stay later. For so long, we have said “well, this is just how it is”. But should it be?

For me, I have always had heart break when I can so clearly see injustice, I have always been a fighter. This is why I started Blue Ullu with our artisans in India. But now, after moving back, Blue Ullu has taken on a new shape and identity to not just support our artisans, but also help the families that buy our products or read our social media, out of that negative space and into a conscious lifestyle.

By cutting out the crap in our lives- whether its’s material things, unhealthy relationships,or any other negative influence, we are able to experience more. More time, more love and yes even more money. We are able to focus our energy, thoughts and actions towards what we CHOOSE to focus on.

I’ve found that by living a simple, conscious lifestyle I can concentrate on that joy of raising a family, on that intense love between our partner and children, and remember the strength of our tribe and communities. Why do you live simple?



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