So you have taken the ethical and minimalist leap and you are up against your first holiday. Father’s day. To me, Father’s day gifts are always hard to buy for- ethical or otherwise. Those dudes, no matter how well you know them, are always challenging to buy for.

In our house we have decided to give a few rules around gift giving and the holidays.

1) If you bought it, was it ethically made? Will it decompose or last forever on the earth (we are going for decompose)? Was it built to last and not just throw away?

2) Is it an experience? Does it help our family have quality time together?

3) Did you make it?

With those rules in mind, let me help ya’ll out with some Father’s day gift giving ideas.

Ethically made gifts he can un-wrap

Everyone likes to unwrap a gift, it’s true. Here are some awesome, ethically made gift ideas for dad that are built to last.

The Perfect T

The Indigo T from Everlane is 100% Cotton and comes in a variety of colors. Everlane is know as an ethical leader in the industry and also in incredibly transparent on their website with factory tours and incredible garment detail. Only $28!


A Rustic Handmade Watch

Have him sport one of these gorgeous Made In The USA watches. I think my favorite part about this watch is that you can get a special saying engraved on the other side! Check it out over at Tree Hut for only $89! 

A Comfy Hoodie

PACT is one of my new favorite brands. I mean where have I been not knowing about them? The have gorgeous basics for everyone in the family and incredible prices. Not to mention that are both organic and fair trade certified. Win Win. Find this hoodie for $58 here. 

Experience Giving

Get some quality time together and give an experience to to enjoy with your Pops this fathers day. It’s such a great way to deepen you relationship.


Our family LOVES travelling, but I do know that it can get expensive. Have you seen Wise Bread’s incredible list of USA camping for $160 a week? 10 different destinations around the States to unwind and be together.

Take a Master Class

Photo by Udemy

Have you ever thought about taking an online class together? Udemy has photography classes that the older kiddos can take with Dad together and then practice outdoors together too!

Photography not your thing? What about cooking? Udemy also has Italian, Thai, Indian and MANY other cooking classes to learn together!

Classes start AS LOW AS $10! Check out photography classes here and cooking classes here on Udemy.

If you don’t want to do classes online, don’t worry. Check out your local community college or community center to see what classes they offer as well.

Make it

Here are my top 3 DIY gifts that you can give to Dad this Father’s Day.

Comic Picture Frame 

My husband loooooves comics and my daughter is starting to get into them too. Find out Dad’s favorite comic and make this super cute frame below. OR decoupage your favorite photos of him and the family of this year.

Find the tutorial here.



Mad Libs 

I LOVE mad libs. You can be so cheeky with them. It’s fun and a great way to look back over the years and see how your kids humor has progressed. Five Heart Home has a great free download for a DAD LIB.

There are so many sweet, simple and impactful ways to celebrate the Dad in your life this year. From experience gifts, to handmade items or choosing ethical presents, put in a little extra effort this year. He deserves it!


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